Preparation is key to travelling and paddling abroad

Overseas trips for paddling make up 99.9% of my total trips abroad. Out of the countless trips to Tahiti, Hawaii, California, Brazil, Australia, Rarotonga, New Caledonia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, I can say I’ve only ever been on one non-paddling associated trip to Thailand, and even then I stressed about not paddling the entire time. Fortunately for me a lot of my trips happen towards the middle and end of the year, which gives me the first few months to train and prepare a good base before heading overseas for races. The hardest part about traveling frequently abroad is the inconsistent routine, making it harder to stay on track with nutrition and training. I respect the time I get at home where I can really knuckle down and get to work. The main thing when traveling abroad to compete is to be prepared. Train well beforehand with the weeks or months you have. Take into consideration the heat, the conditions you will be paddling in and at least take your race day nutrition or healthy snacks. Continue to eat well and train smart when you go. Try not to slack on your normal routine and save the treats for after the big race.

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