Sports periodization

Sports periodization is the systematic planning of training with the goal of peaking the performance of an athlete or team for a specific event. Periodization training breaks up your overall training cycle in into different phases that each focus on developing something different. My training has followed this basic concept since I first discovered it at university over 6 years ago using periodization to plan my training cycles in preparation for important paddling races during the year. This all depends on how many important races you have and how much time you have which sometimes means sacrificing non-important races for that ultimate race. When developing my training program for an event I use for main phases; endurance, threshold, maximum and race specific which serve as a guideline for structuring month to month, week to week and day to day sessions. Periodized programs are the fastest way to developing performance athletes to reach their full potential especially in their early paddling life. Instead of winging it doing the same thing day to day, it’s best to have a plan. Once you’ve completed the program, you can then reassess and make changes that will help you to be even better next time round.

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